Running mapmaker

Generate a flatmap from its source manifest.

usage: mapmaker [-h] [-v] [--log LOG_FILE] [--show-deprecated] [--silent]
                [--verbose] [--clean] [--clean-connectivity]
                [--background-tiles] [--id ID] [--ignore-git] [--ignore-sckan]
                [--invalid-neurons] [--publish SPARC_DATASET]
                [--sckan-version {production,staging}] [--authoring] [--debug]
                [--only-networks] [--save-drawml] [--save-geojson]
                [--tippecanoe] [--initial-zoom N] [--max-zoom N]
                [--min-zoom N] [--export-identifiers EXPORT_FILE]
                [--export-neurons EXPORT_FILE] [--export-svg EXPORT_FILE]
                [--single-file {celldl,svg}] --output OUTPUT --source SOURCE

Named Arguments

-v, --version

show program’s version number and exit



Append messages to a log file


Issue a warning for deprecated markup properties

Default: False


Suppress all messages to screen

Default: False


Show progress bars

Default: False

Map generation


Remove all files from generated map’s directory before generating the new map

Default: False


Refresh local connectivity knowledge from SciCrunch

Default: False


Generate image tiles of map’s layers (may take a while…)

Default: False


Set explicit ID for flatmap, overriding manifest


Don’t check that sources are committed into git

Default: False


Don’t check if functional connectivity neurons are known in SCKAN. Sets –invalid-neurons option

Default: False


Include functional connectivity neurons that aren’t known in SCKAN

Default: False


Create a SPARC Dataset containing the map’s sources and the generated map


Possible choices: production, staging

Overide version of SCKAN specified by map’s manifest



For use when checking a new map: highlight incomplete features; show centreline network; no image tiles; no neuron paths; etc

Default: False


See log.debug() messages in log

Default: False


Only output features that are part of a centreline network

Default: False


Save a slide’s DrawML for debugging

Default: False


Save GeoJSON files for each layer

Default: False


Show command used to run Tippecanoe

Default: False

Zoom level


Initial zoom level (defaults to 4)

Default: 4


Maximum zoom level (defaults to 10)

Default: 10


Minimum zoom level (defaults to 2)

Default: 2



Export identifiers and anatomical terms of features as JSON


Export details of functional connectivity neurons as JSON


Export Powerpoint sources as SVG


Possible choices: celldl, svg

Source is a single file of the designated type, not a flatmap manifest

Required arguments


Base directory for generated flatmaps


URL or path of a flatmap manifest